PROJECT INFO Name: Light News Description: easy to make papier-mâché ceiling lamp, a little messy but a lot of fun. Materials: newspaper strips, flour and water = glue, balloon Building time: 1h AUTHOR INFO Name: Tina Vatovec in Andrej Voncina Age: 26 Job: student Nationality: slovenian Read More


  PROJECT INFO Name: Sailboat Description: the object is a small dish for the tea bag.It is a boat hull. When the infusion is ended the hull receives the bag and the boat appears Materials: Polyuréthane foam Building time: 20 min Inspiration: my english roommate   AUTHOR INFO Name: ...Read More


    PROJECT INFO Name: Tappi vetro Description: it' s one of the recycle pieces I use to make using different types of wine bottles. I love to recycle them from the top to the end making anything. this is an example of how ...Read More




AUTHOR INFO Name: Giulia Fiorista Job: Students nationality: Italian Age: 20 PROJECT INFO Name: Smoking Break Description: SB is an ashtray born from a particular situation in my new house: 5 coffee pots and two ashtray, now used to divide the cards of a puzzle in construction...Result: ...Read More


  PROJECT INFO Name: Groovie Description: Corrugate paper Lamp AUTHOR INFO MATHERY   Read More


AUTHOR INFO Astrid luglio, Elis bonini, Erika Zorzi, Matteo Sangalli PROJECT INFO It is an experimental project based on the observation of a couple dining out. The gestures and behaviors were the base to design five tables, each one with a different feature to suggest ...Read More


AUTHOR INFO By Maria Jennifer Carew PROJECT INFO Name: Transeat Description: Fusion between the field of urban furniture and road signs, «TranSeat» is a barrier that can change its meaning as needed. Sometimes a barrier and sometimes a bench, showing an unexpected and contradictory ...Read More


PROJECT INFO Two layers of sepia corrugated cardboard, 15 folds and 3 glue points together add up to 600 grams of a load-bearing structure. C'artù is a seat with royal feature, characterized by strategic die-cuts that allow a pop-up transformation from 2D to 3D trhought a few ...Read More


Screenplay, direction, actors, videomaking and postproduction by Mathery [vimeo width="350" height="250"]http://vimeo.com/29094195[/vimeo] Read More